Truck Wash


  • Maintain the car
  • More clean for the car
  • Save time only five minutes
  • Car rust prevention
  • Friendly and maintain proof
  • Ease of payment and use
  • Laundry at any time 24/7

Technical Data

No. Function Descriptions Brand Details
(2.1.7) Available size for bus (L x W × H) 24000 X 2700MM x 4200MM
(2.1.8) Power (KW) 8.86/10.1kw
(2.1.9) Water /Electricity consumption ( 250L/BUS0.59kw/BUS )
(2.1.10) Wash speed ( 15-20 buses/hour )
(2.1.12) Control system JAPAN MITSUBISHI
(2.1.13) Highpressure pump CHINA CNP
(2.1.14) Heat protection and contactor FRANCE schneider
(2.1.15) Photoelectric sensor USA BANNER
(2.1.16) Chemical pump ITALY SEKO
(2.1.17) Magnetic valve TAIWAN AIRTAC
(2.1.18) Operation panel TAIWAN DELTA
(2.1.19) Air cylinder TAIWAN AIRTAC

Advantages and Functions

1. The frame of Risen gantry pre-wash car washing machine is made of national standard steel and treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which is anti-corrosion and rust-proof, durable and durable.

2. Fasteners such as bolts are made of SUS304 stainless steel.

3. Because the equipment is in contact with water all the year round, in the wild wind, rain, and ultraviolet rays of the sun。The high quality of the equipment manufacturing process is the key

High pressure water jet part

a. Special stainless steel fan-shaped high pressure nozzle, galvanized pipe, special high pressure rubber pipe with high pressure seal. The above is the key to the performance of the device.

B. Special stainless steel fan-shaped high-pressure nozzle - is our company's patented product;

c. Special high-pressure rubber tube with high-pressure seal - is a special customized product of our company.

Intelligent system controller

a. The core part of the whole machine control system is the intelligent system controller, which realizes the program control of various functions through the detection of photoelectric sensors and proximity switches.

B. In order to facilitate user control, our company has specially set up a small power switch box, which can be installed in the position that users are satisfied with (just lengthen the power cable)

Operation panel

A1 The electrical control system of the whole machine is installed in the electrical cabinet,

a2. The water and gas control system is installed in the high-pressure water cleaning box.

B1. All controls can be automatically controlled by the control panel on the electrical operation workbench.

B2. The operation panel adopts special key switches, which can not only avoid the entry of various impurities such as dust and water droplets, but also prevent blur caused by light irradiation