Train Wash


  • More clean for the Aircraft
  • Save times and Power only 30 min.
  • Aircraft rust prevention
  • Friendly and maintain proof
  • Ease of payment and use
  • New Idea Project
  • Maintain and Protect the Aircraft

Technical Data

No. Function Descriptions Brand Details Remarks
(1) The Train cleaning equipment mainly uses long-distance highpressure water cannons and shortdistance high-pressure water systems High -pressure water pump
The rotor part of the pump is supported consistently by Rolling bearing at both ends
Germany pinfl
(2) To wash the entire surface of large and medium-sized aircraft (including fuselage, aircraft wings, and aircraft tail oil stains) The pump runs smoothly Japan NSK
(3) To remove oil stains and dust. This 5-outlets-pump is single stage Vertical pump, Germany FUCHS
(4) Red and ultraviolet detection function, automatic tracking and positioning, 24 hours automatic detection The inlet of the pump is in the horizontal direction, and the outlet is arranged vertically upwards simplify the pipeline France schneider
(5) Sensing Train enters, the water cannon system automatically turn on,Scan from The motor of the pump is horizontal structure, easy maintenance
(6) Horizontal, vertical, tilted orientation Directions. different flow rates and lifts Taiwan Delta
(7) The central controller issues instructions,Then pumps started ,valve opened After cleaning completed, the central controller will send instructions to stop ejatulating Machine dimensions INSTALLATION SPACE SUPPLY STATION Main power Total power Water pressure
(8) A.Train enters cleaning area
B.Device self-sense to start
A.High -pressure water cannon Cleaning Cleaning Procedures
(9) A.Mix the cleaning detergent
B.Spray the cleaning detergent
B.High -pressure water Cleaning
(10) A.Decomposition and
Drive away from the cleaning area, the cleaning is over