Station Wash


  • Maintain the car
  • More clean for the car
  • Save time only five minutes
  • Car rust prevention
  • Friendly and maintain proof
  • Ease of payment and use
  • Laundry at any time 24/7

Technical Data

No. Function Descriptions Brand Details Remarks
(1) Our garbage truck washing machines can also wash buses and trucks 2.4 Drive through type prewash equipment for big vehicles Germany pinfl
(2) Based on original T.S.I -305 We Remain the side brushes to wash the truck sides Delete top brush 2.5 Heavy duty vhiecle chassis & tyre washing equipment
2.6 Rollover type big vehicle automatic washing machine
Japan NSK
(3) PROFILED wash the front and rear of the garbage truck with highpressure water. 2.7 BRUSH DRY EQUIPMENT FOR BUS AND TRUCK France schneider
Taiwan Delta
(4) Intelligent chemical mixing system. Innovative suspension system nonresistance rails Unique embedded fast drying 2.8 Drive through type anti-virus chemical spraying equipment
2.9 special packing charges, installation allowance
(5) Digital voice security alarm system Faulty self-checking system One key anti-frozen systemWash speed Contactor taly New Dotz Liquid Dosing Pump Hot dipped galvanized steel frame High strength 416 stainless steel nozzle 70x60 Meter
1 truck/5 minutes about
850LMinute 75kw/h
(6) Power consumption, chemicals consumption, water consumptionMachine
(7) Flushing pressure: 3-4kg/cm²
Cleaning range: vehicle chassis,
wheels and hubs When the vehicle passes through
Excellent than the requirements of 3kg/cm² in the bidding documents Automatically and munually The total motor power is 6 fans * 5.5, each with a total of 33KW.
(8) the equipment for 1 minute, the air-drying rate is ≥90%Drivethrough. Start mode: automatic photoelectric induction start Two groups of brushes (nylon filament brushes) Two groups of side brushes Travelling rollover (brush wash,touchless wash) 2.using the top drying + side drying method; Air pressure 0.7Mpa