Building Wash


  • More clean for the Aircraft
  • Save times and Power only 30 min.
  • Aircraft rust prevention
  • Friendly and maintain proof
  • Ease of payment and use
  • New Idea Project
  • Maintain and Protect the Aircraft

Technical Data

No. Function Descriptions Brand Details Remarks
(1) H30Industrial UAV Product material: carbon fiber + aviation aluminum alloy
Wheelbase: 1930
Number of rotors: six axes
Expansion size: 1760*2040*720
Folding size: 1000*1100*720Dead weight of empty aircraft:26.8KG(including battery weight)
Maximum load: 30KGMaximum take-off weight: 56.8KG
Height setting system: barometer height setting
Positioning system: GPS positioning
Power system: FOC power sleeve
Propeller: 3411 Folding paddle
Power battery: 16S 25000mah
Maximum flight speed: ≤10m/S
Safe wind speed: ≤5
Intelligent operation mode: manual /AB point/automatic route
Power monitoring: Yes
Flight data recording: Yes
Voice announcement: Yes
Ground station: Android APP ground station
Image transfer: Yes
Background data monitoring: Yes

(2) Intelligent remote control Remote control distance: 20 km
Picture transmission distance: 5-10 km
Data transmission distance: 20 km
Supported ports: HDMI, network port,sensor
Battery life: 8 hours
Signal: transmission
frequency band 2.400-2.483GHZ Size: 190*152*94mm
Built-in screen: Built-in HD display
(3) Biaxial head Size: 57.5*49*47.1mm
Angle: 100°
Specifications: 1/2.7 SENSOR EFL = 2.4 mm
Resolution: 1080p 25fps
(4) battery Battery capacity: 25000mah 16s
Battery size: 340mm: 210mm: 82mm
Net battery weight: 9kg
Rated current:180A Peak 240A (30 sec.)
Battery protection: Yes
Viewing battery information: Yes
Idle protection function: YesSelf-check
function: Yes
(5) charger Input voltage: AC190V-240V
Maximum charging voltage: 67.2v
Maximum charging: current: 32.0A
Display mode: LCD screen
Communication mode: serial port
Weight: 3.8kg
Appearance size: 300*250*140mm
(6) Supercharging equipment Pump weight: 10kg
Maximum flow: 48L
Working pressure: 3mpa
Working lift: 300 meters
Maximum range: 20 meters
Maximum suction: 7m
Diversion mode: No need to fill water,automatic water absorption
Inlet diameter: 25mm
Outlet diameter: 25mm
Displacement: 50cc
Combined fuel consumption: 1 L/h
Horizontal transmission: 10 km